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Just HOW BAD is Margarine?

I will have the butter, thanks…

Fascinating reading!

You will never believe what margarine was invented for – to plump turkeys! However, there was an unexpected side effect. The birds died when they were fed a lot of margarine. So –what does an “ethical” company do when they invest a lot of money into a venture and then it goes bad?


They find another use for the product!

They were really inventive, because they found a lot bigger market than turkeys – people!

The original product was just white and pretty much tasteless, so they added some yellow colouring to make it look like a familiar spread and added some flavourings. The result? Butter like substance in a really nice container and a lot of twisted facts to make it appear healthier than butter.

Continue reading – the facts are fascinating.butter-vs-margarine-quote

  • Both butter and margarine have the same amount of calories (I can’t believe the lie was THAT huge!)
  • Butter is somewhat higher in hydrogenated fats at 8 grams; as compared to 5 grams for margarine.
  • Regular eating of marganine could increase cardiovascular disease in females by 53 % over consuming the exact same quantity of butter (on a recent Harvard Medical Study)
  • Eating butter increases the absorption of many nutrients from meals – margarine will not do that
  • Butter has lots of nutritional benefits where margarine only has few simply because they are added!
  • Butter tastes much better than margarine and it boost the flavours of various other foods – I am quite sure that everybody will agree with that!
  • Margarine is very high in trans-fatty acids. They increase your bad cholesterol while decreasing your good cholesterol
  • Margarine triples risk of coronary heart problem …
  • Increases the risk of cancer as much as five times (whoa!)
  • Eating margarine while breastfeeding lowers quality of breast milk
  • Margarine reduces immune and insulin responses

Here is another VERY interesting margarine fact; it is just ONE molecule away from being PLASTIC … and also shares 27 ingredients with PAINT…

These facts alone were enough to have me staying clear of margarine forever as well as anything else that is hydrogenated, but if that does not convince you, just do this experiment to find out just how much “food ingredients” are in margarine:

Open up a tub of margarine and leave it open in your garage area or shaded location. Within a number of days you will certainly observe a number of things:

  • no flies, not even those annoying fruit flies will go near it – they do not recognise it as food (do insects have more sense than people?)
  • it will not rot or even change the smell since it has no dietary worth
  • Nothing will grow on it- not even mould which will grow on anything due to the fact that it is virtually plastic. How does melting your Tupperware and spread that on your toast sound?

Whatever I will be having on MY toast from now on – it will definitely NOT be margarine.

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