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Here’s why a simple exfoliation glove is taking on a billion dollar skincare industry – and WINNING!

By Victoria W

Everybody knows that exfoliation is good for your skin. It gets rid of all the dirt and the excess dead skin.

With our modern lifestyles, the skin does not exfoliate deeply enough naturally (as it was designed to do), the pores are getting clogged and skin gets sluggish in its processes causing all manner of nasties such as:


Skin conditions

You can buy thousands of different skin care products each for a different skin condition.

In case you have not figured it out yet, gently patting in creams and lotions onto your skin will only empty your pockets, not alleviate any of those symptoms!

Skin care industry is telling you lies, so that you will buy more and more useless preparations making them rich while you chase that elusive dream of getting flawless skin.

Looks familiar? Most of us have drawers full of bottles and containers of cosmetics that promised the world and delivered nothing.

However, there exist treatments that can totally transform your skin. But – they are far from gentle:


 -Chemical peeling


-Skin needling

-Fractional laser



Most of them rely on removing the top layer of the skin – dermabrasion. They scratch, burn, pierce and damage the skin on a really deep level, yet, it not only repairs itself, but comes back more beautiful than it was before.

So, why don’t we all just ditch all the lotions and potions filled with untested chemicals the names of which we cannot even pronounce and go straight to the paramedical salon for our regular laser treatment?

Oh, I know. It could have something to do with price! They are prohibitively expensive, especially since you have to keep repeating them to prolong the effects.

Here comes the good news!

You CAN have similar results for tiny fraction of the price AND you can perform the treatment right in your bathroom.

Baiden Mitten is a SUPEREXFOLIATOR which gives you exfoliation you can see!


There is NO deeper exfoliation possible without damaging the skin.  That is why it might take few more sessions to get you the benefits that a lot harsher treatments will. However, there is no downtime and for under 50 bucks, it will be the cheapest makeover you will get!

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Baiden Mitten comes with 60 days money back guarantee, that is why:

Baiden Mitten guarantee


You can buy a single regular Baiden Mitten (it will do your whole body, including your face – but you need to go gentle there)

or, for a much better deal, you can purchase a whole set (regular, back and face mitten + an e-book):

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