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Thank you for your purchase. We would like to have your experience with us OUTSTANDING, so we would love to reward you with a complementary Baiden Mitten specialty glove that complements your Baiden Mitten regular (just pay P&H $9.95)

You will have a choice of either Baiden Mitten for face, or Baiden Mitten for feet.

While you can absolutely use the regular Baiden Mitten for face as well, many of our customers have told us that they prefer something softer, which will easily go around the little nooks and crannies like nose, eyelids, lips and ears. That is why we have it.

Please keep in mind that you need to use Baiden Mitten regular to start with to get the best results as it performs the serious detox for the body and that is where the beauty for the WHOLE SKIN comes from. Using ONLY the face mitten  will not do much.

That is like saying that you want to detox only left upper corner of your liver. It is either all or nothing. So, make sure that you use the regular Baiden Mitten first on your body and use facial mitten as an addition only.

Our business is a family owned one, we absolutely make sure that our products are as natural as possible, that is why our products are made to the standards which are normally reserved for baby products (however, please DO NOT use it on babies – their skin does not need it).  We are Fair Trade, ethical company, and we grow mainly via word of mouth. That said, we would really appreciate your honest feedback on Amazon 🙂

If you love your Baiden Mitten, please leave us a testimonial and if you have any challenges with making your mitten work – please, please get in contact with us. There are too many people who have NEVER asked us a question and just went to leave a negative review while it would have taken us only a few minutes to solve the problem. The technique can be tweaked and the results will be fabulous. So – if you have any questions, please get get in touch with us!

Here is the link for Baiden Light for face:

Here is one for Baiden Foot (soooo great for getting gorgeous, smooth feet):

Thank you again for choosing Baiden Mitten 🙂

All the best from the Baiden Skincare Team