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How to exfoliate face

You might find it hard to believe but beneath the rough, flaky outer layer of facial skin you will find a plump, glowing and refreshed layer just waiting to be uncovered. Best of all it’s so easy to do with the Baiden Mitten and you can do it from the privacy of your very own home. Follow the steps outlined below for best results.

How to Exfoliate Face1. Tie your hair back

Not only will it be easier to exfoliate your face without strands of hair getting in the way, but also – once the exfoliation process starts, you will avoid getting little “crumbs” of dead skin rolls into your hairline. Believe me, it is not easy to get them out if they get stuck in your hair as they are sticky.

2. Soak your skin

Your dead skin layer needs to be softened for Baiden Mitten to be able to start exfoliation process. Warm water does the job very well, but while it is pretty obvious how to soak your body, who can hold their breath under water to soak their face for 10-20 minutes?
If you are soaking in the shower, simply let the warm water run over your face. If the tub is your choice for soaking, simply wet a washer or a small towel in the bath water, wring it out lightly and drape over your face making sure that you leave a breathing hole.

It is important to make the process comfortable and pleasurable as this time is great for relaxation as well as beauty routine. For even better effect throw in couple of handfuls of Epsom Salts or Himalayan bath salts into the bath water and at the end of the session you will feel as if you had a day at a spa.

3. Take Time to Exfoliate Well

Get the Baiden Mitten wet, wring it out and scrub lightly side to side and the up and down. Do not overdo it, especially in the beginning and if you feel any pain, STOP.

While it would be lovely to have porcelain skin immediately, you might have to give your skin a chance to get used to this harsher treatment over few sessions.

Once you scrub your whole face, why stop there?
The Baiden Mitten is a full body exfoliator and because you already spend the time in a bath or shower you might as well give your whole body a treat.How to Exfoliate Face

Once you complete the Scrub you might want to consider vacating the bath (make sure you rinse the dead skin rolls of first though) or cleaning the floor in the shower as you will notice dead skin everywhere which really is not appealing.

On the positive side though you probably will feel warm from the blood rushing to the surface of your skin after the massage you gave yourself.

4. Moisturize

Now that you have learned how to exfoliate your face, please remember to follow your scrubbing session with a good moisturizer. Since your skin is now free of a dead skin layer, you can use a lot less of the product for same effects. Chemical free moisturizer is the best option as anything that you put onto your skin at this moment will go straight up your pores and into your blood stream, therefore you do not want to spoil the great job you just did by detoxing your skin by smothering it in chemical garbage.  Instead, use organic, cold pressed Coconut Oil (it contains Lauric acid which helps fight bacteria, fungi and viruses which help to stave off infections).

Now that you know how to exfoliate your face perform it once or twice a week depending and love the new skin you are in.

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