Call Centre Negative Response - Baiden Mitten

Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to help you 🙂


Here is the video of one of our customers using the mitten properly:


In some cases it might take few sessions to get such effects, but once your skin “understands” the process it will become easier and easier.

  • If you happen to be over 40, there are 2 things you must remember:Your skin slows down the natural exfoliation process to a crawl as we age. Baiden Mitten will kick start it again, but it might take a little bit longer than for a younger person. On the upside of this – your rewards will be much greater with noticeable rejuvenation of the skin as skin cell production speeds up 🙂
  • For most people, our eyesight deteriorates as we age and small little dead skin “crumbs” can be difficult to see, especially if they are very small and skin colored. I cannot tell you the amount of instances my customers would write to me that they did not see any skin rolls only to discover that there are tons of them when they ran their hand over the area just exfoliated and could clearly feel the crumbs under their fingertips 🙂


We are really passionate about our product, that is why I would love to work with you to give you the most amazing results for your skin.

Please leave me a message on this contact us page for some good, old fashioned, personalized service, and I will make sure that you get the results you expect. If you don’t, I will have to insist that you return the mitten as we only allow our precious mittens to remain with people who love them 🙂




Much love