Call Centre Feedback - Baiden Mitten

How to Claim your Baiden Mitten Lite For Face

Original Baiden Mitten 

Thank you so much for giving Baiden Mitten a try. 

Wouldn’t it be great if more and more people would reduce the number of cosmetics they use, because their skin would be healthy and glowing without them? How great would it be for the environment if all those tons of chemicals would never be washed into our waterways polluting our drinking water? We are on a mission 🙂

To achieve this, we need lots more reviews to make people realize what the Baiden Mitten can do for them.

That is why, for a very limited amount of time, we are giving away one facial mitten to people who write an honest review of the Baiden Mitten ORIGINAL on Amazon (that is the one you have already purchased).

Regular Baiden Mitten is the workhorse that does most of the work, Baiden Lite just makes it easier and more comfortable to get around those tricky parts like nose, eyelids and ears, because it is softer. If you would have to choose one mitten only, ALWAYS go for the Original – it is the one that makes the difference.


IMPORTANT: Some people order the original Baiden Mitten onBaiden lite Amazon specifically to treat the skin on their face ONLY, however – Baiden Lite for face is not the substitute for treating the whole body. It will not do much difference to your skin’s appearance if you treat just a small part of your skin.

It is a lie that cosmetic companies have been brainwashing us with and it is about as ridiculous as saying “I am going on a liver detox diet, but I only want to detox upper left corner of it.” If somebody said that to you, you probably would think they are mad, but we think nothing of buying a product just for face, or even just for eyelids. Total madness! You treat the whole, or nothing at all.



Here is how to get your free Baiden Mitten Lite:

  •  After you have used the Original Baiden Mitten and have seen the results, please write a PRODUCT review on Amazon on the PRODUCT review page (as opposed to “seller review”)
  •  Send us the Title and reviewers name of your review to [email protected] with your name, address and email address and we will pop your Baiden Mitten Lite into the mail with the next post.

Simple 🙂

Thank you so much for helping us to get the word out. We REALLY appreciate your time.


     Much Love